Ballbusting Financial Domme Cams

It’s time you learn the true meaning of a ballbusting financial domme webcam show. A real greedy mistress with an insatiable craving to kick you repeatedly straight in the nuts is going to be your guide. She’ll always demand more, and she’s going to get it, no matter if it’s your money or control over your body.

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Ballbusting Financial Domme Webcam

You will be physically violated like never before, to her, you’re nothing but a piece of meat, a walking ATM that spits out some green the more it’s getting kicked. Once she takes away your pride, there is barely anything stopping her from using you for all other perversions, fulfilling each one of her fetishes because you’re a sissy cash piglet.

ErynDivya is amongst those lavish titties, black leather-wearing, mean-looking dommes, and she’s ruthless with newly obtained slaves. What’s the deal with you? Cum too early and want to fix it? First prove to her that you’re serious first, tip her three-figure amount whenever she orders you to on our site, this is a piece of expensive advice.

She’ll put you through trials so you’d prove yourself to her, so better start licking her high heels until they’re spotless. You will get spanked, forced to open your mouth so she can dispose of the ash in it, get used as a stool for your mistress so she can rest her feet there, and you’re going to smell them and tell her how lovely the scent is.

It actually isn’t, but you don’t want to anger her on these live findom cams and make things harder for yourself, instead you’ll let this ball-busting mistress choose the prettiest pair of golden Gucci earrings. Then you’ll take your clothes off and show her what she’s dealing with. A pair of naughty testicles that don’t listen to their owner, and we all know what the best cure for disobedience is. It’s a harsh beating of course, if that doesn’t help, nothing will.

She tells you to sit down on the floor, with your legs spread apart so she has an unobstructed path toward your nuts. One strong swing and your nuts will swell up like a pair of overripe plums, purple, and throbbing. It’s hard work, that’s for sure, and once won’t be enough, she’ll keep doing it until you treat her with everything she wants, so be a good pay pig and treat her with the utmost respect.

Or maybe you want a curvy American mistress like LexiBaretta to handle your dysfunctional cock through harsh ballbusting torture? You’re a dirty little cash slave, aren’t you? Well, good for you because she knows how to handle your kind, with utter disrespect during a financial domination webcam chat, and total control over your finances.

She’s the only female you will be able to find, both of you know that this nasty mistress is your last hope, so she takes advantage of the situation. We’re talking brand new D&G accessories, Jimmy Choo shoes, Coco de Mer lingerie, and that’s just as a guarantee that you’ll stick around once she starts playing with you.

Financial Domme Cam Chat

Go ahead and stroke your cock while she’s teasing you, show her just how miserable you are that even a hottie like her can’t get it up. It’s insulting really, you deserve to have your nuts caved in, which is why she takes a stick and starts slapping them gently, slowly, while you stand still and endure it.

She’s got a nice surprise for you, a blindfold. You won’t even anticipate her next move, even though you’re standing with those nuts like low-hanging fruit, ready to be kicked by her bare feet. Then suddenly you feel the contact of her divine foot with your nutsack, she punishes your nuts with harsh ballbusting. You start begging her to stop, but you won’t be free until she gets your no-limit credit card to fund a vacation on an exotic destination, and you’re paying for every bit of it.

Does your obsession with ballbusting need to be addressed? This is how you do it because no woman would get even close to your gross nuts willingly. You’ll enjoy your tenure as a money slave, look at it from the bright side, maybe you’re not the hottest thing around, but at least you can buy yourself some valuable time from these financial dommes.

Once you start your financial domme cam journey, it’s going to be full of surprises. Some mistresses love teasing you before they deliver the kick in the groin, they will be full of jizz, and you could possibly cum. That is unless you’re denied, robbed of orgasm, and all the money.