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In return, you’re going to obey them, the money is certainly the primary motivator around here, but they also want to dominate you. Once you become a finslave, there’s a lot you have to do during a live private chat, just make sure to shower them with expensive gifts while you’re licking their toes and getting spanked, or whatever else they demand.

MistressAddi is one thick ass gold digger, and the fact that she’s wearing fishnet lingerie helps her case because men like you get fished easily. You’ll want her attention, and you’ll do anything for it, all while she’s watching from a distance, looking at you all uninterested, as if you’re a maggot.

You’ll ask your queen what she wants from you, and the answer is simple, everything. Give her your credit card info so she can buy herself some Gucci and Prada lingerie because she wants to look expensive for her man. Maybe you’re thinking that she’s going to swing your way because of money, but guess what?

You would never be able to satisfy a woman like her. Not even after she gets you bound to a chair, and teased for a bit. She’ll see your boner, and ask you “would you like to see this pussy pounded hard?”, to which you’re going to nod your head in agreement. Be careful what you wish for, it might come true.

But it’s definitely not going to be you who’s about to smash her. It’s her alpha male, he enters the room, and they both start laughing at you. You keep telling her that she can take whatever she wants on this financial domination cam site while whimpering like a sissy, but she doesn’t care. She’s got your money, and she’s got your pride, you’re nothing but a cuckold cash piggy.

More experienced, seasoned veterans like MILF findomme MissGabriella have what it takes to turn you into a walking human ATM. She’ll tease you with her juicy tits, fondle them over a latex top that shows her cleavage, just enough to keep you begging for more. You better send her a fat tip if you want to see them in full glory.

But that, of course, won’t be enough, she wants to be spoiled with more money. You will no longer be the owner of it, but a supplier. She’ll make you lick her high heels in her live webcam room and suck on that stiletto like a little sissy financial sub. Then you’ll buy her new Jimmy Choo shoes because she needs a new pair next time she’s going out with the girls to hook up with an able stud.

Findom Webcam Rooms

Your miserable cock can’t even compare, it’s a laughing stock, but if you pay for her vacation, she’s going to watch you stroke it. Don’t think you’ll do it however you want, this findomme wants full control over it, just like your money. She’ll issue jerk off instructions, and watch you squirm from a burning desire to fuck her.

Even when you’re close to cumming, she won’t allow it, you’ll have to come back another time. The gifts pile up, and the control gets bigger, she starts blackmailing you, threatening to expose you. You obey all her desires, give her whatever she wants, and if you behave yourself according to her standards, she will let you cum.

Right off the bat, these vile findommes want to know how “heavy” you are. You’ll lay all your cards on the table, show them that bank account, and slowly get it drained away. They need someone to fund their lavish lifestyle, a weak man like you who would do anything for some affection, and it doesn’t come cheap.

Honestly, they’re entitled to your money, and you’ll be degraded just so you remember who owns all of you. They can put a collar around your neck and make you lick a toilet seat, or even demand you suck a dildo in these findom cam rooms and slide it in your tight ass. Dominating you is hard work for these babes, so you better make it worth their valuable time.