Money Mistress Cams

All the cash craving dominant girls are looking to be spoiled rotten with your hard-earned cash, and you’re going to beg them to take all of it. Their fatal beauty is going to cost you dearly, you’ll feel their claws grasping for your bank account, while you’re kneeling and kissing their feet like a little pay piggy.

Once these arrogant babes on our money mistress cams demand something, you have to make it come true. Be it if she wants Louis Vuitton handbags, or a diamond-encrusted tiara because she’s your princess, you’re going to pay up. And not only that, she’s going to act all bratty and say that it’s not enough, because it never will be.

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Money Mistress Cams

Chaanell is a super sexy raven-haired findomme, and by that name alone, you can already see that she’s got an expensive taste. If you want to get to her liking, then make sure to obey her big booty, it’s so glorious, and it looks even better when you get to take a peek under her skirt. She will show it to you, but you know what it takes.

Give her your credit card numbers. If you hesitate by any chance, she’s going to have you bent over and spanking your ass with a leather cane. With each strike, you’ll give her a number, until all 16 digits are in her possession, along with your CVV code. Then she’s going to order herself a yellow gold necklace from the newest Chanel collection, worth over $6000.

The decreased balance on your account makes her incredibly wet, her panties are soaked in pussy juice, and she’s feeling aroused. This money mistress takes them off and stuffs your mouth with them, that’s as close as you’re going to get to licking her in her video chat room. Then she puts a hand under her skirt and moans out loud while rubbing that craving slit, all out of your view.

You’re not worthy of that, but she can strike a deal, how about you get to stroke, but each one of them is going to cost you $20. The number ramps up pretty soon, she’s keeping track because she’s the one ordering you how to jerk off, and if by any means you want to release your disgusting cum, she’s going to need more designer lingerie as an incentive.

RebeckaChase is a brutal findomme who’s going to turn you into a personal ATM quite easily. Such a big titty beauty like her easily talks you into getting bound, which is right where she wants you, in a vulnerable position. She begins twisting your nipples while you’re screaming in pain and telling her to stop, you’ll do whatever she wants.

How about you gift her that expensive watch that’s on your hand? Never mind, she’ll take it by herself, and you’re going to owe her a favor. Then this cash domme takes off your pants and reveals the source of your misery, the fact because of which you’re here. It’s that tiny dick in your pants and considering it’s so hard to see, she’s convinced you’re a sissy.

Money Mistress Webcam Chat

Your dicklet is going in a chastity cage, so no cumming for you mister, but you will get to have sex, only not the kind you were expecting. She takes a strap-on in the live webcam show and shows you how big it is. It’s your turn to learn how to suck, so get prepared for some hardcore throatfucking from your cruel financial mistress.

Everything is going as planned, soon you’re her cash piggy, begging her to stop by throwing money her way, but will it be enough? It sure isn’t, she’s not a stripper, so in no case should you throw it, but she will keep it as a reminder of your stupidity. Get your pants down and bend over, she’s got a man-pussy to fuck, and you’re going to award her with your bank account for impaling you on a strap-on.

It’s easy to squeeze cash out of pathetic little manlets like you on money mistress cams today. These hotties don’t just want you to pay up, they want you to become a cash piggy, slowly getting drained so they always have a stable source of income. And needless to say, every time they need someone to worship them or get used as a sex slave, you’re here for them.

You will be more than happy to finally have a purpose in life other than earning money, now you have someone to spend it on. And your findomme is going to make you work more, her appetite is going to increase, and you’ll provide like any man does, even if it’s for just a little bit of attention.