Money Slave Mistress Video Chat

All the financial dommes are going to make you pay, they will strip you bare and dominate you in multiple ways while slowly juicing dough out of your credit card. They’re ruthless and unforgiving, preying on weak men who so desperately need to become a pay pig in these live money slave mistress video chat rooms because they want to be noticed by a female, no matter the way.

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Money Slave Mistress Video Chat

They will latch onto you and never let go, acting like bratty spoiled princesses while you’re making their wildest dream come true. It’s so exhausting being a findomme, so don’t make it hard for them, be a good money slave and bow before your mistress, offer her all your riches because you don’t deserve them.

NaomiPosh is one of those girls to die for, with plump lips, big round titties, and a tight waist, you’d give all you have just to have her spit on your face if it meant showing a sign of affection. And she would ask no less from her human ATM, girls like her want total control over your body and finances.

You’ll bow before her, address this lusty findomme “My queen”, and pull your pants down so she can spank you. What do we say first? “Pretty please mistress”, those are the magic words that will make her grab a whip and spank your naughty ass, all while you’re slowly giving away the magic numbers that let her use your credit card.

Taken over by the greed and sadistic desires, this mistress demands your absolute obedience during the live video chat, commanding you to show her what’s in your pants. She notices the source of all your misery as a money slave, that tiny cocklet you’ve got, and it’s all clear, you need to be punished further, so she’ll take matters into her hands.

You receive SPH instructions, your tiny dick is submerged in icy cold water after which it shrivels, looking even smaller, and you beg her to stop. It’s going to cost you, but you’ll do it no matter what, Dior lingerie, Gucci jewelry, Chanel perfumes, no cost is too great when the freedom of your tiny member is in question.

What about ladies with big titties, and a corset that makes them look even bigger and more impressive? You’ll want to feast your eyes on TiffanyDeen’s glorious breasts, even if it means getting bound to a bed frame and forced to tip her money so this strict financial domme would tease you, maybe you even get to see those tits.

Of course, you’ll have to be generous, giving away a load of your money each time she decides to flash them or take off a bit of clothing. You’ll eventually reach that point, your cock will get rock hard, but you won’t be able to touch it on these money slave webcams, which will make you squirm in restraints, and beg her to release you.

Money Slave Mistress Cams

She makes sure you understand that she’s just using you as a money slave, but even despite that, you’ll be released. However, she can’t let you jerk off, you’ll just be able to hump a pillow, as is tradition with submissive horny paypigs like you. Your nuts get swollen from the accumulated cum, and grinding against a piece of fabric doesn’t do it justice.

You beg and plead, offer her a 4-digit sum just so you could cum, but she’ll make you remember it for as long as you live. Go ahead and stroke it, take a look at her jumbo titties, and bust that nut the way you’ve been craving for so long. She’s going to watch you spasm from the intense orgasm, but that load is going to be deposited straight into a cup, and you’ll be commanded to drink it to please her desires.

Are your pockets deep enough for a money slave mistress chat? Make sure you come here prepared, otherwise she will be forced to take whatever you got and kick you out, full of cravings, dry out of funds, and still miserable as ever before. It goes without saying that you also want to approach with the right mindset, the one of a human ATM because your money is your only worth.

Between all the abuse of your wallet, your biggest insecurities will be targeted by these ruthless cash dommes. They only care for profit, and having you at your weakest point, miserable, throwing away all the money is what they excel at. If that sounds like the type of fun you would gladly participate in, then it’s time to meet some of these stunning dominas.