Live Financial Domination Video Chat

Meet some of the greediest money dommes, let them take control over your finances, and grab a big chunk for themselves while you’re worshipping their hot bods. They’re going to fuck other guys despite you paying for their lavish lifestyle, and then you’re going to receive videos of your findomme wiping the cum that’s dripping out of her pussy with $100 bills you’re providing.

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Financial Domination Video Chat

She could make you wear a chastity even when you’re not in a session, just so you’re reminded that not only are you a human ATM but that dick of yours is under her control. Since miserable men like you could never sexually please such cock hungry girls, the only way you can make a girl happy in the live financial domination video chat is by purchasing expensive Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel clothing and jewelry.

You hand a wad of cash to AlettaCole just to have a chance at being one-on-one with her, it’s the price for the privilege of witnessing such a hottie. She looks at you, smirking because she knows that she’s just hit a jackpot. Girls like her don’t care about you, if she feels like it, you won’t even get to see a piece of skin except for her face.

She’s going to be dressed up from the neck down, and you can only hope to change that by showering her with gifts. Whatever she demands, you comply, even if it means getting fully nude and exposed. In this state, you are vulnerable, and it especially shows because you fear for your safety, what if someone finds out about all this pathetic pleading for attention?

Aletta will make sure no one does, but just in case, she has all the recordings, so pay up little cash piggy. Besides blackmailing you, she also wants to see how far you’re willing to go to please her. Is licking the toilet seat on these live findom chat sessions and wearing a chastity lock on your cock enough? Definitely not, so she’ll push you further.

Send her a pair of Prada sunglasses and fragrances, and she’ll send you a pair of her old panties and a bra. You’ll need to wear them, as tight as those pink panties are, they’re immensely humiliating. She’ll make you wear ugly female dresses to become her paypig sissy and demand you play with your man pussy, while you order her top-notch Gucci clothing.

VanessaOdette is a silver-haired fox, and she’s an expert at jerk off instructions, keeping men on the edge, and siphoning all funds out of their accounts with the promise of an orgasm. Even though she’s slender, those tattoos and extremely high red heels imply that she’s extremely unpredictable and wild at times.

That’s usually when she has to chat with cash piggies like you. She’s got places to be, so don’t waste her time if you don’t have the money. Rich guys like you should absolutely pamper her on this financial domination webcam site, and she doesn’t need to return the favor, it depends on her mood, you might get guided on how to jerk off, or she might suddenly stop it, ruin your orgasm, and tell you to come back later.

Live Financial Domination Chat

Slowly she’s draining your account, but not your dick, she feels like there are better hunks out there, who she spends your money on. You are going to be on a short leash, she’s controlling you over texts, giving you challenges in the middle of the day, or when you’re at work, like wearing a bra or licking a toilet seat.

Everything you have is hers, you just provide her with the things she needs. For instance the king-size bed you paid for, she’s going to organize a threesome with two muscular studs, and film herself obeying them. You’re a cuckold financial slave, watching her getting creampied by far superior men, and all you’ve got going for yourself is that money, which isn’t under even your control anymore.

You’re going to be noticed in the financial domination video chat with ease, all these babes love guys who have enough money to throw around. But once one of them latches onto you, she’s going to slowly suck your bank account dry. Your relationship with the money mistress can vary.

Some of them let you have a bit of pleasure, they tease you, humiliate you, but from time to time you get to cum. Others are straight-up mean, they can bound you to a chair and torture your cock relentlessly, only to kick you out of the show once they’re bored. In both cases though, you’re going to be an obedient cash piggy and line their pockets with money.